Hold us a place in the EU


THE Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba asked today to reserve a place for his country in European Unioneven if the negotiations will take a long time.

“We hear very often that Ukraine belongs to the European family and at the moment it is important to reserve a place” for the country in the European Union, the head of the Ukrainian diplomacy stated on German television during his visit to Germany.

“We are not talking about Ukraine joining the EU as soon as possible, but it is important for us to keep this position for Ukraine.” stressed Dmitro Kouleba on the ARD network.

Kyiv filed a petition dossier of her candidacy in the European Union on 28 Februaryfour days after the start of the Russian invasion, but some member states they are cautiouseven for granting the status of candidate country to Ukraine, seeking to avoid hasty accession.

THE President of France Emanuel Macron said Monday in Berlin that possibly it will take decades for the accession to the EU of a country like Ukraine and proposed, pending, to join a “European political community”, which could include Britain, which left the Union in 2020. The idea is also supported by German Chancellor Olaf Solz.

Source: skai.gr

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