He points out the successes of the Ukrainians north of Kharkov


London: Thanasis Gavos

Ukrainian forces continue to counterattack in areas north of Kharkov recapturing several towns and villages on the border with Russia, points out the British Ministry of Defense.

As reported in the morning news from London, the priority assignment by Russia in operations in Donbas has left some units deployed in Kharkiv province “vulnerable” to agile and highly motivated Ukrainian counterattacks.

It is noted that despite the success of the Russians to encircle Kharkov in the early stages of the conflict, some units are said to have withdrawn from the area in order to reorganize and make up for the heavy losses of their potential.

The British Ministry of Defense estimates that when these units are reorganized they will most likely be deployed on the east bank of the Siversky Donets River, forming a deterrent force to protect the west wing of the main volume of the Russian forces and the main supply lines for businesses near Izium.

“The withdrawal of Russian forces from Kharkiv Oblast is an indirect recognition of Russia’s inability to occupy key Ukrainian cities in which they expected limited resistance from the population,” the British daily concluded.

Source: skai.gr

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