British police want to fine politicians at least 100 for corona parties


British police want to impose at least 100 fines on politicians who attended parties and threw parties during the corona lockdowns. This is reported by the body in the investigation of the “party gate” case.

The case revolves around government parties regularly attended by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The parties took place when other Britons were not allowed to visit friends and family due to strict corona rules.

Johnson had previously been fined for a meeting in honor of his birthday on June 19, 2020. Afterwards, he was surprised with a cake and serenaded by dozens of colleagues.

It’s unclear whether police want to issue Johnson another fine. According to British media, he attended several parties. Johnson initially denied attending illegal parties, later saying he had no idea he had broken the rules.

The British Prime Minister has come under heavy pressure because of the scandal. Several members of his Conservative Party called for his resignation and his party lost many seats to the opposition Labor Party in local elections.

Not only are the police investigating the ‘party door’: the UK House of Commons is also proposing a parliamentary inquiry into government parties during the coronalockdowns. Investigators may propose sanctions that could lead to Johnson’s suspension or removal from the House of Commons.

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