UN reports 1,000 civilian deaths around Kyiv, evidence of Russian war crimes


At least 1,000 bodies of dead civilians have been found in the Kyiv region in recent weeks. This was announced Thursday by the High Representative of the United Nations for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet. According to her, evidence is mounting that Russian troops have committed war crimes in Ukraine.

“It is shocking to see the scale of these unlawful killings, including executions on the beach, that took place north of Kyiv,” Bachelet said in a video address to the United Nations Human Rights Council. United.

The UN’s top human rights official added that much of the exploratory research appears to point to war crimes committed by Russian forces against the Ukrainian people.

The Human Rights Council will decide on Thursday whether an official fact-finding team will be formed to investigate possible war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. This investigation should determine whether war crimes took place in February and March around kyiv and in other regions.

Russia denies killing civilians in Ukraine, but the situation in towns like Bucha contradicts that. Hundreds of civilians killed were found in this kyiv suburb after the Russian withdrawal in April.

On Tuesday, the UN said the actual number of civilians killed in Ukraine was “several thousand casualties” higher than the currently recorded number of 3,381.

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