Britain: Will take action on Northern Ireland if Brussels does not show flexibility


Britain has no choice but to take action unless the European Union shows more flexibility in talks on post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland, Foreign Secretary Liz Tras said today.

Reaching an agreement that will keep the peace in North Ireland and will protect her single market without a hard border between the British countryside and Ireland, which is an EU member state – or a border within the United Kingdom – has always been the biggest challenge for London as it began its exit from the European bloc.

The government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed to a protocol that instead established a customs border at sea between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, but now says the required bureaucracy is intolerable.

The Conservative government has been threatening to tear up the protocol for months, raising the risk of a trade war with Europe in a period of high inflation and raising concerns across Europe and Washington.

In a telephone conversation with European Commission Vice-President Maros Shevcovich, Tras reiterated that the lack of agreement on the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol threatens the 1998 peace agreement.

“The situation in Northern Ireland is a matter of internal peace and security for the United Kingdom and that if the EU does not show the necessary flexibility to resolve these issues, then as a responsible government we will have no choice but to do so,” she said. “Let ‘s do it,” the British statement said.

“Vice President φevτovi. Confirmed that there is no room for extending the EU negotiating mandate or for introducing new proposals to reduce the overall level of trade problems.” Trash pointed this out “with regret”, the announcement said.

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