Want a higher salary? Five tips for a successful negotiation


Many wages are rising, reports employers’ organization AWVN. Not all workers will earn more, but you can always negotiate your salary. However, it remains a sensitive subject. What should and should not be said in a negotiation meeting? With advice from negotiation coach Merel van der Wouden and human resources professional Jolanda Salari, you will be well prepared for a salary interview.

Many wages are rising, according to employers’ organization AWVN. New collective labor agreements were concluded in April with an average wage increase of 3.4%. According to the AWVN, this is the highest level in thirteen years.

But not all workers benefit from it. You can always negotiate if you want a higher salary. Even for those who have already been told no, there is still a lot to gain, says Van der Wouden, a negotiation coach. She helps employees and entrepreneurs better negotiate money through courses, masterclasses and one-on-one coaching.

Tip 1: Good preparation is more than half the battle

According to Van der Wouden, good preparation is the most important thing: “Look at what you would like, how much is right for you and adjust your search accordingly; that way you have one leg to stand on. See what you’re worth at work. market.”

“When people are insecure, nine times out of ten they don’t get what they want. Know your worth and believe in it.

Merel van der Wouden, negotiation coach

Salari, senior management consultant at Berenschot consulting, also agrees: “Look in advance at what you have done and what goals you have achieved. If you think you have done more, come up with solid arguments why you should go beyond the usual increase,” she advises.

“The key is always within yourself”, emphasizes Van der Wouden. “When people are insecure, nine times out of ten they don’t get what they want. Know your worth and believe in it.”

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Tip 2: Schedule a meeting after you’ve had a big hit

Not sure when is the right time for a salary interview? “For example, think about fixed review times throughout the year, or right after you achieve great success,” Salari recommends. “Then you immediately have something to refer to and you can explain with the right arguments why you are ready for the next step,” explains the HR professional.

Tip 3: Prepare your interviewer

Not only your own preparation, but also a well-prepared contact person is important if you want to discuss your salary, Van der Wouden believes. “Play carte blanche and avoid overwhelming your interlocutor”, such is his advice. “If you don’t, the other party hasn’t been able to prepare and you won’t get more often. At the end of the day, you want to enter the conversation as equal parts.”

Tip 4: Stay positive and respectful

When negotiating, according to Van der Wouden, it’s best to say what makes you special. “Stand up for your own values ​​and focus on the positive things you as a person can do for the company, then you better get into such a conversation.”

“Within the bounds of respect and decency, in my opinion, you can’t say so badly.”

Jolanda Salari, HR professional

Remarks such as “If you don’t agree, I’m leaving,” says HR professional Salari. “With this you really break your own windows. Within the bounds of respect and decency you can’t say so badly in my opinion.”

Tip 5: Do you always get a no? ask why

Do you get a no despite good preparation? In this case, don’t be discouraged, say the negotiation coach and the HR professional. Van der Wouden: “Very often when you say no, you immediately think that the door is closed, but it really means: not on the condition that you offer, there is a difference. You can always make a counter- proposal. “

Finally, a no is only a one-time thing, adds Salari. “You can always try again. Don’t settle for no, ask how you can make sure it works next time and adjust your preparation accordingly.”

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