New fines for the partygate from the Metropolitan Police


London: Thanasis Gavos

At least 50 more fines have been imposed by the London Metropolitan Police for ‘partygate’, the Downing Street party scandal and other government buildings amid a pandemic ban.

A statement from Scotland Yard states that more than 100 have been issued fines for the case. There had been previous announcements of 20 fines in late March and more than 30 last month.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not among those to whom the new fines have been imposed, Downing Street confirmed.

The Metropolitan Police did not reveal the identities of those punished in this way, but Downing Street has promised to inform when the fine concerns the Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson has already been fined 50 50 for attending a surprise mini-party for his birthday in the Cabinet in June 2020. His presence is being investigated at five more gatherings out of a total of 12 put under the microscope. police for possible breach of lockdown rules.


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