Large exercise of preparedness and organized evacuation of citizens in Kassandra, Halkidiki


The large exercise of organized preventive removal of citizens due to forest fire, codenamed “KASSANDROS 2022”, was successfully held today in the community of Fourka of the Municipality of Kassandra, Halkidiki.

The exercise was organized by the Municipality of Kassandra, with the support of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, as well as the cooperation of all stakeholders (Directorates of Civil Protection of the Region of Central Macedonia and Decentralized Administration of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the Fire Brigade “OLYMPUS” Business Center, 22 Firefighters and vehicles, the Greek Police, EKAB, voluntary organizations, etc.), on the basis of a realistic scenario and in accordance with the provisions of the General Plan for Emergency Response due to “Forest Fire”.

More specifically, the scenario of the exercise foresaw a forest fire in the area, which threatens the settlement of Fourka and preventive evacuation of the inhabitants, including the students of the Primary school. In addition, parallel actions were the removal of people with disabilities from their homes, following the relevant information of EKAB by the social services of the Municipality, as well as two episodes of release of people.

In his statements after the end of the exercise, the Minister Mr. Stylianidis, warmly thanked all the participants and especially the Mayor of Kassandra for the perfect organization and the excellent coordination of all the competent bodies,

He stressed that this was the first exercise of this type to take place, while others will follow in several parts of the country with high traffic during the summer months and added: “At the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, with the help of the Fire Department We believe that through joint exercises and preparedness actions, all co-competent bodies acquire a “common business language”. At the same time, he underlined that today’s exercise is an opportunity to send a message to the citizens that the firefighting season has begun. “Unfortunately, the fires will be with us, as they always are – and we need, in addition to the coordination of state and local government bodies, the help of all citizens to avoid fires due to human negligence.”

It is noted that the exercise is part of a series of corresponding preparedness actions that will take place in the near future in areas of the country with high tourist traffic, as well as in archaeological sites of significant traffic. This is a coordination initiative of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, in collaboration with the competent Ministries of Interior and Culture, the Regions and the Municipalities of the country, for the optimal coordination of all bodies, the planning and implementation of complex operational actions and the effective response emergencies.

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