There will be a new finding of RAE for the second quarter of 2022


“We continue to push for a Europe that is lagging behind and stress the need to give money for the energy crisis, while we have also said how they could be found,” Energy and Environment Minister Costas Skrekas told SKAI.

As the minister said, once the resources are found, it will be above and beyond what has been announced by the prime minister.

He also announced that there will be a new finding of the Energy Regulatory Authority that will concern the second quarter of 2022, ie the months of April, May and June, and if there are oversupply of energy producers these will be revoked.

At the same time, he stated that RAE has delivered its conclusion for the previous period, until March, and it remains to be seen indirect discounts which the suppliers have done, while the final amount that will be determined, as the Prime Minister has said, will be revoked by 90% and will be given to the citizens.

He pointed out that Greece is the first country that will make such a move, by private and non-private providers.

Finally, he stated that he is currently visiting Tirana with the CEO of IPTO, the CEO of PPC and the Greek Energy Exchange and will meet with his counterparts, the Ministers of Infrastructure, Energy and Environment, as well as with the Albanian energy managers to create conditions. cooperation for adequate supply in the wider Balkan region, which is already happening in Bulgaria.


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