State television speaks of a new “iron curtain” following Finland’s bid to join NATO


The reaction in Russia was strong, after its historic decision Finland to apply for NATO membership.

So much for it Kremlinbut also some media did not hide their annoyance for this decision.

In particular, Russian state television spoke of a new one “Iron Curtain” in Europe .

Presenter Olga Skabeyeva characteristically said: “The main beneficiaries here are America and Biden. “And the main goal is a new iron curtain from the Barents to the Black Sea.”

Meanwhile, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov He said the move was “definitely” a threat to Russia and warned that it would make Europe more volatile.

He said that Finland had taken “unfriendly steps” against Russia and that it was a cause for regret and a reason for a symmetrical response.

Source: Daily mail

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