Siemens leaves Russia


The German group Siemens completely ceases its activities in Russia, after 170 years of presence in the Russian market. A press release issued by the group states that it is leaving the Russian market because of the war that the Kremlin has launched against Ukraine. The process of cessation of production and business activity of Siemens in the Russian Federation has already begun, according to the press release.

“We condemn the war in Ukraine and have decided to proceed with a smooth process to stop our industrial activity in Russia. “It was not a simple decision, given our obligation to take care of our partners, but also the long-standing customer relationships in the market in which we have been working for almost 170 years,” said Siemens President Roland Bush.

Siemens adds that it will continue to provide support to its partners “as far as possible”. “At the same time, we are providing humanitarian assistance to our colleagues and the people of Ukraine, and together with the international community, we are calling for peace,” the statement said.

In addition to household and electronic appliances, Siemens together with the company “Steam Locomotives” produced the electric trains “Lastotska” and electric commercial machines, while it served the trains “Sapsan”.

In early March, Siemens announced that it was suspending supplies and investment in new businesses in Russia. At the end of March, the German group informed the state-owned company “Russian Railways” that it was suspending the contract for the purchase of the high-speed electric railway “Sapsan”.

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