Dendias: US approval for upgrade of Turkish F-16 military aircraft is a problem


The clear position of Greece that it recommends problem with its national sovereignty, US government approves upgrade of Turkish F-16 fighter jets gave from the floor of the Plenary o Foreign Minister Nikos Δένδιαςduring the discussion of the ratification of Mutual Defense Agreement between Greece and the USAnoting that “we will express this clear view in Washington during the official visit of the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis”

“I will say what I know about the F-16 aircraft because I am not a representative of the United States. The information we have and the information is that it is not about new aircraft but radar and missiles. If you ask me as Greek Foreign Minister this is not a done deal. However, as far as the Hellenic Republic is concerned, the upgrade of the Turkish arsenal is a problem because Turkey is constantly violating our sovereign rights. So the position of the Greek government is clear. No no. As is clear on the issue of German submarines. No no. We will express this clear view in Washington during the official visit of the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. “And we support, I am sure for that, that we will do it with the support of the entire Greek Parliament on this position”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized, responding to the opposition that called on the government to fully clarify our country’s position towards the critical this issue in relation to the US stance in view of the forthcoming visit of the Prime Minister.

“Overflights and Turkish violations are completely unacceptable and are even more important. They are a challenge to the national air traffic and an attempt to impose their positions with the unacceptable Turkish argument about the alleged demilitarization of the Greek islands. The State Department condemned Turkey’s aggression manifested in overflights and the unacceptable late Turkish claim for demilitarization of the Greek islands. “And very clearly, both the Blinken letter and the American legislations and the announcements of the State Department, took a position on the issue of Greek sovereignty over the islands”, he underlined.

The Foreign Minister defended the upgrading of the Greek-American Cooperation, emphasizing that he secures the national sovereign rights of the country in this difficult and dangerous time after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and called on all parties to support it.

“I do not think that our work in Washington will be facilitated if the House rejects the Agreement. We would not be stronger if you did not vote for her but more powerless. It is an Agreement that strengthens the Greek position and our national sovereign rights. Greece has never sought to support a “neutral” policy. “This is not our policy, the policy pursued by our great national leaders who created the Greece of today”, stressed Mr. Dendias and continued:

“I would like the Agreement not to come at a time with extremely dangerous situations and conditions, not only for Greece but for the whole world.

Draft resolutions tabled by Turkey in favor of Islamic states are a threat. Turkey’s untested attempt to lead is a threat to Greece. The overthrow of any respect for territorial rights is an existential threat to Greece and the list is much longer, such as issues of greenhouse and environmental safety. “We must support these positions in the current geopolitical reality,” he said.

Mr. Dendias stated that he has never denied “information with the door closed and papers open”, but, as he clarified, “the debate in Parliament on foreign policy and defense issues has limits and the arguments should not weaken the Greek national seats”. “We can not afford to be careless. I honor the patriotism of all, as I ask for attention. “If you want information, I am always here,” he noted.

Responding to the opposition’s objections to the Greek government’s stance on the Russian invasion, Mr. Dendias countered that Greece has many more reasons to take a clear stand against the Russian invasion of an independent state and not be neutral because there is a tragic example. of the evolution of the Cypriot. “Greece has great respect for the huge Russian cultural tradition. He respects her unconditionally. But this has nothing to do with our direct confrontation over Russia’s invasion of an independent state. And Greece does not have the slightest possibility of a different course because it is a matter of defending not only our borders but the whole planet. We defend with our positions not only the borders of the whole planet but also our own borders. And this is not only ensured by the invocations of international law. “And the development of the Cyprus issue is a tragic example”, stressed Mr. Dendias.

The Foreign Minister also stressed that the ND government pursues a clear multidimensional foreign policy, in accordance with its pre-election commitments, managing to sign more than 210 beneficial agreements, shielding the country’s security.

“This government has largely resolved maritime disputes by signing agreements with Egypt, Albania and Israel. We have shielded the country’s national defense and security through a series of agreements, contributing to the creation of a broader security framework based on international law and the law of the sea.

We are pursuing an open horizon policy that extends from India and Japan to Latin America. In the dozens of visits we have made to other countries we have discussed 100 agreements. We have signed agreements that exceed 210. And this is unprecedented. “We always support the principles of international law through an active policy and in this context is this Agreement,” he said.

Responding to the “expected”, as he characterized it, argument what Greece gets from the Agreement and that the Agreement is not beneficial, Mr. Dendias referred to the letter of the American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and the official American letters and announcements of the State Secretary with which, as he said, proves their position towards Turkish aggression.

“When asked what we get instead of an answer, I urge you to read the amended protocol in conjunction with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s letter of five chapters plus one. In addition to providing material and loans, our participation in the F-15, read the perception of the US Congress why it ends up in this legislation – in this Congress, which in a short 24 hours the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will address to speak. And this is the first time this has been done. This honor has never been bestowed on the Prime Minister of Greece. And I do not imagine anyone does not want it to happen. Can anyone imagine if the US Congress reserved this honor for Mr. Erdogan? “So it is not good for the country to downgrade the Agreement in a quasi-electoral period.”

Mr. Dendias placed special emphasis on the upgrade of the port of Alexandroupolis, emphasizing that the American presence is a political choice of the government. “If this Agreement did not exist and Alexandroupolis to Eastern and Central Europe was not available, can you imagine how important the straits would be and how much more difficult would our position be for our own security and the future of our country?” The transformation of Alexandroupolis into a commercial port and geopolitical hub fully serves the national interest of the country. “With this agreement, we also want the commercial activity of the port”, he said and added:

“I said it clearly and I repeat. The government wants the American presence, it does not shy away from it. The five-year Agreement is for the benefit of the national interests of Greece and Greek society. The ND government does not want the US to leave because it does not consider it serving the country’s independence at this time. And I did not hear any other convincing argument. So we do not have to apologize for the five years because we consider it as a big capital for the interest of Greece. “Our foreign policy is not one-dimensional.”

Answering the questions raised for the omission of Article 7 of the previous Agreement, Mr. Dendias pointed out that it is due to its non-necessity at the moment while any chapter can be brought back by Greece to any thought the challenge accepts to face.

“The amendment of the protocol that is being put to the vote does not mean the repeal of the previous text of 1990. It is therefore a product of legal ignorance to claim that not repeating the adherence to the UN Charter means its abolition. “The 1990 agreement is valid beyond what is being amended, and that is minimal,” he said.

“In this difficult situation we are living in, the foreign policy of the Mitsotakis government, with the understanding of the vast majority of the Greek political world, has equipped the country’s security for the future with diplomatic weapons,” concluded Mr. Dendias.


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