Ukraine will not reopen gas taps until it controls the entire pipeline system


Ukraine will not reopen gas taps from Russia to Europe from the Sokhranivka facility if Kyiv does not gain full control of its pipeline system, the head of the GTSOU operator told Reuters.

The company on Tuesday declared force majeure citing the theft of natural gas by pro-Russian separatists and cut off flows through Sohranivkawhich represent almost a third of the gas that Russia sends via Ukraine to Europe.

The pipeline crosses Luhansk, Ukraine, part of which has been under the control of pro-Russian separatists since 2014.

“We will not open. “Until full control of the asset,” GTSOU chief Sergiy Makogon told Reuters in a written statement.

He also said that Gazprom did not know that the separatists had started stealing gas from Ukraine.

“I do not think Gazprom knew that the (separatists) had started stealing gas from us.”

Makogon said Gazprom could still deliver all its volumes to Europe using the Suza transit route, which remains open.

Gazprom was not immediately available for comment.

The company said it was not technologically possible to reroute all of its supply through Suja, a claim that Kyiv described as untrue.


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