Lose 10 kg in 3 weeks: what is the Martha’s Vineyard diet worth?


the martha’s vineyard diet does not date from yesterday, but it has been back in the limelight for some time thanks to a shock muse: the top Gisele Bündchen. This diet that promises significant weight loss “without cravings, hunger, or even yoyo effect” is it really effective? How does it work ? And what are the health risks of such a diet? Medisite takes stock.

More than a diet, a detox program to cleanse the body

This plan was created about ten years ago by the American naturopath and nurse Roni DeLuz, also founder of a holistic retreat on the swanky island of Martha’s Vineyard. In his book 21 pounds in 21 days, The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detoxwhich has become a best seller in New York, Roni DeLuz recommends a 21-day detox cure each year, one for 7 days each season and another each week on weekends.

His plan is based on three principles: rest, reduce and rebuild. It is a program that aims to release toxins from the body that accumulate and increase the risk of disease, fatigue, allergies and weight gain. According to the naturopath, after 21 days of treatment, this diet would allow the cells to regenerate. The metabolism would then be more efficient, with higher energy levels. Beyond weight loss, this method allows you to find a certain harmony according to the creator of the diet, with “less stress, more energy, clearer mind, better skin quality and less water retention”.

What is the Martha’s Vineyard Diet?

It’s simple : anything that needs to be chewed is prohibited. There’s no calorie counting involved, but this diet involves eating 100% liquid. Alcohol, coffee, milk and salt are also prohibited. To feed you, are allowed: broths, organic and seasonal vegetable soups, herbal infusions or fruit juices.

Physical exercise is also part of the program, with yoga, stretching and daily walks of at least 1.5 km. Roni DeLuz also advises jumping on a trampoline, which would drain lymphatic fluids.

100% liquid diet: what are the health risks?

“A detox cure can be beneficial for the body, it helps get rid of toxins and impurities accumulated by our diet, which is sometimes too rich. Vegetable broths bring trace elements, fruits, good sugar, and everything will purify the body. In addition, this method makes it possible to obtain a rapid result”, advances the nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen in the magazine She. However, he tempers by specifying that we must pay attention to the duration of this type of cure. “After more than 3 weeks, your body risks tiring, but also recovering all the pounds eliminated, by resuming a normal diet too abruptly..” Conclusion: if you want to embark on this cure, plan a food rebalancing then to avoid regaining the lost weight, or even more. And at the slightest sign of dizziness or feeling weak, it is recommended to stop this diet.

Also note that this very strict diet is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

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