Presbyopia: eye drops to regain good vision without glasses?


Soon finished glasses to see more clearly up close? Imagine that a few drops of eye drops are enough to restore your sight like magic for a few hours. This dream could come true for all people with presbyopia according to the press release from the company Abbvie, which created it. Indeed, presbyopia corresponds to a natural evolution of the eyes causing difficulty in reading small print up close and affects a large number of people after 40 years of age. This vision disorder affects more than three million French people.

Presbyopia: eye drops prescribed once a day

According to the press release, “VUITY is once-daily eye drops that improve near vision and intermediate without affecting distance vision in adults with age-related blurred near vision”. VUITY is the first and only eye drops approved by the United States Medicines Agency, in October 2021, to treat presbyopia. It is now available by prescription in pharmacies nationwide.

This authorization came after two clinical trials conducted on 750 participants aged 40 to 55 with presbyopia, who had to administer one drop of Vuity eye drops or placebo in each eye daily. Indeed, after 30 days, the participants had gained the ability to read at least three additional lines on a reading chart, without losing more than one line of distance visual acuity. No serious adverse events were observed in participants treated with VUITY in the two clinical studies. However, there were a few side effects with a frequency of more than 5%: headaches and red eyes. It is therefore possible to correct presbyopia with a simple eye drop.

Presbyopia: effectiveness ranging from six to ten hours

Once applied in the eyes, the eye drops acts in fifteen minutes for a duration ranging from six to ten hours depending on the patient. A study is even underway to find out if it would be possible to apply it twice a day to cover the whole day. In practice, presbyopia, or age-related blurry near vision, is a common and progressive condition that reduces the eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects. This eye drop is therefore a optimized formulation of pilocarpinea recognized ophthalmological treatment, specially designed to treat near age-related blurred vision. It uses the eye’s own ability to reduce pupil size, improving near and intermediate vision while maintaining distance vision.

“Many Americans cope with presbyopia, which typically begins around age 40, by relying on reading glasses or resorting to workarounds like zooming in on their digital devices to get a closer look. As an optometrist with presbyopia, I am personally and professionally excited to try VUITY for myself and offer it to my patients whose near vision is blurry due to age“, said optometrist Selina McGee, a member of the American Academy of Optometry. It’s an alternative to contact lenses and glasses.

Vision: an innovation in the eye field

“This significant innovation in eye health age-related reflects our commitment to advancing vision care and expands our portfolio of leading treatments for eye care providers and their patients,” said Jag Dosanjh, senior vice president of ‘Allergan, an AbbVie company.

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