Twenty women report a well-known journalist for rape


20 women report French journalist for rape, abuse of power and psychological coercion Patrick Poirier d’Arvorspeaking on a webcast of the research network “Mediapart”.

In the show, women, from the field of culture and politics, reveal what they suffered at the hands of the famous French journalist.

The former network presenter TF1 accused of raping and sexually assaulting dozens of women. In France it is known by the initials of the name “PPDA”. For 21 years he had the presentation of the evening bulletin of the first channel TF1.

A year ago, the first allegations of rape and sexual assault by women came to light, leading to the start of court investigations.

As the French network RF1 points out, the #metoo victims of Poirier d’Arvor come mainly from the field of culture or politics.

On April 27, the French journalist decided to launch a counterattack by filing a defamation lawsuit against 16 women.

Although the research site “Mediapart” asked for his opinion, he refused to comment on the matter.

According to his lawyer, Poirier d’Arvor “denies any violence, sexual or otherwise, to the women who accused him.”

Although most of the testimonies about the French journalist’s behavior had already been revealed, new ones were added.

Marie Lorre Odd Delatr, a sales consultant, can not forget what happened in 1985. “She raped me. “I was 23 years old and it took me 36 years to file a complaint,” he told Mediapart.

“Lock the door. And then I saw him naked like a worm, rubbing on the couch. “I was in a state of shock, I did not move,” he said characteristically.

Florence Porcel, a writer today, claims that she had the same “luck”. In fact, she was the first to accuse him of opening the “mouth” of other women.

Parcel accuses him of double rape in 2004 and 2009, “in a context of psychological coercion and abuse of power.”


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