Kyiv: Sokhranifka gas transit point closed until pipeline system is brought under control


THE Ukraine does not will reopen it transit point of Sohranifka for the gas flow from Russia in Europe until Kyiv gains full control of its pipeline system, the head of the management company of the Ukrainian gas transmission network GTSOU said today in an exclusive statement to Reuters.

The company declared a state of force the day before yesterday, Tuesday, citing the theft of gas by Russian-backed separatists and stopped the flow of gas through Sohranifka, through which passes almost a third of the gas that Russia sends through Ukraine to Europe.

The pipeline runs through Ukraine’s Luhansk region, part of which has been under Russian-backed separatists since 2014.

“We will not open. Until full control of the asset,” GTSOU chief Serhiy Makogon said in written comments.

He said Russia’s state-owned gas company Gazprom was unaware that separatists had begun stealing gas from Ukraine.

“I do not think Gazprom was aware that (the separatists) had started stealing transit gas from us.”

Macogon said Gazprom was still able to distribute all the quantities destined for Europe using the Shunza transit point, which remains open.

Gazprom was not immediately available for comment.

The company has said it is not technologically possible to change the route of all its supplies through the Suzha point, a claim that Kyiv has said is not true.

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