Russia could cut off gas to Finland


Russia could cut off gas supplies to Finland tomorrow Friday in retaliation for Helsinki’s decision to join NATO, the Finnish media report. Finland’s application for NATO membership has provoked great frustration in Moscow.

“Russia could cut off gas supplies to Finland tomorrow, a day after Finnish leaders said they would have to apply for NATO membership ‘without delay’,” the local newspaper Iltalehti reported.

Finnish politicians have warned that Russia could cut off gas supplies on Friday, the newspaper said, citing anonymous sources, without specifying where the warning came from.

If Russian gas is cut off, would cause big problems in some Finnish industries and in food production, Iltalehti reports.

Their support for NATO membership The President and the Prime Minister of Finland announced earlier today.

The Nordic nation, which shares an 800-mile border with Russia, is now one step closer to joining the US-led military alliance.

“Being a member of NATO would enhance Finland’s security. As a NATO member, Finland would strengthen the alliance as a whole. Finland must apply for NATO membership without delaySaid Mr. Niinisto and Ms. Marin in a joint statement.

Russian state television spoke of a new one “Iron Curtain” in Europe .


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