Ukraine: War crime in the village of Stepanki


The Ukrainian authorities and witnesses who spoke to Agence France-Presse blamed the Russian forces today that they opened fire with a chariot against a house, in a village near Kharkiv, resulting in the killing of many civilians.

According to the prosecutor’s office of this region, which borders Russia, the events took place on March 27 in the village of Tsepaki, which was then under the occupation of Moscow but is now under the control of Kyiv again.

“(Russian) soldiers bombed a house with a chariot. “Two men and a woman were killed,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. Neighbors buried the bodies in the yard of the house and yesterday they were exhumed.

Police, however, spoke of four dead and the exhumation of three of them. He also published photos of a burnt house and tombs on which simple wooden crosses had been placed.

According to witnesses questioned by Agence France-Presse, the six occupants of the house were drinking their tea in the yard when a Russian tank approached. “They got up to enter the house to hide. Immediately after (the chariot) he knocked on the door. “Four people were killed and two were injured,” said Olga Karpiko, 52, whose daughter was killed by a shell.

Tennis, 40, said he saw the tank barrel turn against them. “Someone said, ‘Let’s go hide in the house,'” he said. “I came in last and immediately after the tank fired. Everything collapsed, I could not see anything. “I went out as best I could and ran behind the house,” he added.

The prosecutor’s office has launched a preliminary investigation into “violation of the law of war” and “premeditated murder”.

Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russian forces have been accused by Ukrainians of war crimes in the occupied territories, mainly in the Kiev region, from which they withdrew in late March.

On Thursday, US television network A aired footage of surveillance cameras that it said showed Russian soldiers shooting two Ukrainian civilians in the back near a car dealership on the outskirts of Kiev on March 17.

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