The largest Dutch newspaper publishers do not have a news contract with Google


The two largest newspaper publishers in the Netherlands, DPG Media and Mediahuis, have not yet reached an agreement with Google regarding payment for the use of their news articles. Google announced on Wednesday that it has reached agreements with three hundred organizations in the EU regarding payment for information, including Dutch organizations.

It is not known with which Dutch news agencies agreements have been made. Google does not want to disclose this as it would be confidential.

DPG, which publishes, but also newspapers such as by Volkskrantthe AD and loyalty, claims not to have concluded an agreement with Google. Mediahuis and the NPO have also not reached an agreement on compensation for their information that ends up in Google News.

European publishers have challenged the power of Google and other platforms in recent years and called on regulators to investigate. The platforms have appropriated billions in ad revenue, publishers say.

Twelve Dutch publishers announced last year that they wanted to work together to exploit their so-called publishing rights. It is a new type of intellectual property that the European Union introduced three years ago to allow news outlets to charge money when online platforms publish their messages.

Discussions on such a united front towards technology platforms are still ongoing. According to DPG, they are progressing well. In addition to DPG, the NPO, Mediahuis, the publishers of Reformatorisch DagbladThe Financial Times and the dutch daily and magazine publishers such as ONE Business and WPG Media to participate in these negotiations last summer.

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