Slovenia: Explosion at a chemical plant


Several people are reported missing after an explosion at a chemical plant in Slovenia today, while 20 workers were injured, two of them seriously, according to the plant’s management and first aid services.

The accident occurred early in the morning at the Melamin Group premises Located in the center of Koτσevije (southeast), 60 km from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.

“A tank exploded” for an unknown reason, fire chief Leon Behin explained when asked by the media.

“We do not have news from enough people,” said factory manager Sreko Stefanic, adding that these people were not employed at the factory.

These were four service providers, according to the STA news agency and the 24ur website.

Also, 20 workers were injuredtwo of whom have severe burns and were airlifted to the capital, according to a statement from the hospital where they were admitted.

Local authorities have asked residents within a 500-meter perimeter of the factory not to leave their homes and close their windows for fear of toxic fumes.

“The accident did not have a significant negative impact on the environment,” Kocevie’s mayor Vladimir Prebilic told the media.

The main road was closed to traffic due to the intervention of firefighters who said they managed to contain the fire.

Photographs showed columns of black smoke coming out of the factory, which makes resins for paper, for the construction sector, for wood, paints as well as decorative papers given to the furniture industry.

The factory was founded in 1954 and employs almost 200 people.


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