Important The 3.5 GHz frequency band will not be available for the 5G network until the end of 2023


It will not be possible until the end of next year at the earliest to start using the 3.5 GHz frequency band in the Netherlands, concludes an independent government advisory committee. It is an important band for the development of faster 5G Internet.

Currently, the 3.5 GHz band is still used by the satellite company Inmarsat. This company has receiving dishes in Burum, Frisian, with which it provides emergency, emergency and safety communications at sea and in the air for much of the world.

The company did not want to stop its activities like this, because of the importance for the safety of navigation and aviation. A judge accepted this in summary proceedings last year. The Ministry of Economic Affairs then asked an external and independent advisory committee to look for possible solutions.

The committee recommends that Inmarsat relocate its activities to Greece. The goal is that the company can start working there around January 1, 2024. Until then, the satellite company will temporarily continue to use part of the frequency space (80 MHz of the 300 MHz available).

Telecom companies are already offering 5G services in the Netherlands, but the 3.5 GHz band promises to enable much higher data speeds. According to the telecommunications industry, this is necessary given the expected growth in the number of smart devices connected to the Internet. The cabinet had already wanted to allocate the frequency spectrum through an auction this year.

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