Panic in Beijing after rumors of lockdown – They rush to the supermarkets


Panic was created in its inhabitants Beijing who ran to the supermarkets after the announcement of the 36 cases, which created rumors of a severe lockdown with measures similar to those applied in Shanghai, when 25 million people stayed home for many weeks.

Despite assurances, Chinese officials have failed to allay concerns has caused the rumor that circulated on the internet for a “padlock” in the city. In recent weeks, the Chinese capital has been implementing measures to deal with Covid-19, including the closure of subway stations, teleworking and hundreds of excluded communities.

Many people rushed to the grocery stores to get their stocks, wanting to catch up with situations similar to those in Shanghai. At the same time, officials confirm that they will start three rounds of mass tests on residents of 12 main districts of the city, while citizens were advised to stay at home and “reduce travel” during this period.

According to the French Agency, at a local supermarket in central Beijing, staff rushed to refuel as the vegetable shelves emptied. “Everyone gets supplies. “I will be fine, whether they ask me to stay home for three or seven days,” said one resident.

Residents wearing masks form queues in corridors and coffers

The supermarkets are full, while the masked customers line up in the aisles and at the cash registers.

However, officials tried to calm the residents, urging them to remain calm and assuring that there is no reason to panic. City official Xu Hejian said it was all rumors. “You do not need to buy groceries or stocks already. “Residents of the city, please do not worry,” he said, but could not stop his nervousness.

According to Tencent’s online tracker, there are more than 650 restricted areas in Beijing.


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