Kikilias: “We are extending the tourist season, we are upgrading the tourist product


The Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, referred to the hard work and the efforts made so that the unstable global context affects as little as possible the recovery of tourism in Greece, in an interview with the noon news bulletin of STAR.

As the Minister pointed out, despite the pandemic that is still here, the energy crisis and the war raging in the heart of Europe, the implementation of the plan to upgrade our tourism product and the actions taken to extend the tourist season, in combination with door to door strategy in order to absorb the shocks of the global crisis, have already begun to bear fruit.

“We expect to make a season that will help the average Greek family, the family tourism business, the hundreds of thousands of employees in the primary sector, in trade, in processing, in the services that depend on our tourism product,” said V. Kikilias, stating, however, that “we will make a fund at the end of 2022”.

The Minister of Tourism stressed that Easter and May Day showed the first results of the effort to extend the tourist season and the goal is to have a similar picture after the summer months, until December.

“Indeed, the tourist season has been extended both on flights and on cruises. “From March 7, we have direct flights from America to Athens and flights and capacity from Germany, England, France, Israel and the Scandinavian countries are increasing,” said Mr. Kikilias.

As mentioned, TUI this year doubles its airline flights to Greece, the German Der Touristik, which also represents the Nordic countries, records a significant increase, Condor operates flights to Athens after 25 years, while the French market already requests from our country travel packages for October and November.

Finally, regarding social tourism, he said that the beneficiaries, without hassle and bureaucracy, will be able to obtain the free pass which they will use to buy tickets at hotels.

“From the 1st of July until the end of the year we will have social tourism programs of the order of 30 million euros for our fellow human beings who do not have and can not, for the vulnerable families who deserve to take a breath, to take a summer vacation, to take care their family.

“Once again, the Mitsotakis government supports Greek society, it has done so throughout the coronavirus crisis, the energy crisis, it is doing the same in tourism,” said V. Kikilias.

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