Five Republican lawmakers summoned for role in Capitol storming


The U.S. House Commission investigating the violent storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, subpoenaed five Republican lawmakers to appear on Thursday. Among them is Kevin McCarthy, Leader of the Opposition in the United States House of Representatives. Several American media report it, including The New York Timeswho speak of an “exceptional approach” by the committee.

In addition to McCarthy, four other deputies are heard by the commission of inquiry. The five had previously been given the option of making voluntary statements, but that option was ignored by Republican lawmakers.

This is why they are now subpoenaed, which forces them to cooperate. If they don’t, they can be held in contempt of Parliament. Along with the criminal charges, that could hurt Republicans in the midterm elections in November.

The subpoenas come just ahead of a number of public hearings scheduled for this summer.

McCarthy allegedly called Trump during the storming

The five will be heard in the investigation into the storming of the Capitol on January 6, which left four dead. The committee is investigating the events of that day.

Several subpoenas have been issued so far, including for then-President Donald Trump. The Republican politicians who have now been subpoenaed all had their own roles that day in preparing for the storm, the committee said.

For example, McCarthy allegedly called Trump when the storm hit. Another deputy, Scott Perry, is suspected of having conspired with the former president to replace the prosecutor at the time.

Exceptional stage

The five subpoenas are very exceptional, according to US media. It is not common for a parliamentary inquiry committee to convene co-legislators.

The fact that McCarthy is subpoenaed is more exceptional, writes The New York Times† He could become the new Speaker of the House of Representatives if the Republican Party wins the midterm elections later this year. McCarthy has previously indicated that he does not recognize the commission of inquiry.

The committee concludes that it had no choice but to prosecute the five Republicans. “Ahead of holding hearings next month, we wanted to give members the opportunity to discuss a number of issues on a voluntary basis.”

“Unfortunately, the individuals who were subpoenaed denied this and we are compelled to take this action to ensure the committee gets the facts as early as January 6,” the Democratic committee chair said in a statement.

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