Twitter temporarily stops hiring staff after ‘disappointing results’


Twitter is not going to hire new employees at this time to cut costs after “disappointing results” were seen in the last period. CEO Parag Agrawal reports it.

In addition to temporarily stopping hiring staff, the company is taking a number of other measures to cut costs. This would be savings in the area of ​​travel, Agrawal announced in an email to its employees.

The measures are taken after disappointing results, which Agrawal says are the result of world events such as the war in Ukraine.

“At the start of the pandemic, the decision was made to invest aggressively to achieve significant audience and revenue growth,” Agrawal said. According to him, Twitter is not on track to achieve these goals. The company does not plan to cut jobs on a large scale.

The social media company was bought out last month by Tesla chief Elon Musk. It will cost Musk $44 billion to delist Twitter in its entirety. Twitter’s board has agreed, but shareholders have yet to agree. Musk is still talking to investors about his plans to convince them.

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