If Sweden and Finland join NATO, they become targets


It continues unabated Moscow the barrage of threats against Finland and Sweden as they join NATO seems inevitable now after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“If Sweden and Finland join NATO, they will change overnight from neutral to hostile countries. and on target for Russia “ Russian Deputy Ambassador to the UN Dmitry Poliansky threatened in an interview with unHerd.

“They know that the moment they become members of NATO, it will involve some reflexive moves on the part of Russia,” he said.

“If there are NATO units in these territories, these territories will become a target — or potential target — for a blow “ write down.

“NATO is a very hostile bloc to us – it is an enemy and NATO itself has acknowledged that Russia is an enemy. This means that Finland and Sweden suddenly, instead of being neutral countries, become part of the enemy and take all the risks. So they would take some defensive risks, of course, at some financial cost – but it is up to them to decide σαν They have lived normally as good neighbors with us for decades. if they suddenly choose to be part of a very hostile bloc, depends on themContinued Polianski.

The Russian diplomat, however, hinted that Russia is not particularly worried about the decision (Finland-Sweden) and that the security situation in Europe is not changing.

“I do not think it will be a real blow to Russia’s security for these two countries to join NATO – I hope they will not, but if they do,” he said. would be the worst solution for them, but not for Russia. Russia is ready to face the threats of NATO, Russia has taken the necessary precautions for that. “It does not change much the security situation in Europe, which is dominated and worsened by the NATO threat to Russia for many years,” he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Russian official reiterated that “There is no war in Ukraine”, that Ukraine’s accession to the EU could no longer be part of any peace agreement and that it was “absolutely certain” that Russia would use nuclear weapons if confronted “An existential threat”.

Source: skai.gr

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