Biden must call Putin


Following his return from the US, at tonight’s cabinet meeting, the Italian prime minister Mario Draghi was in favor of negotiations at the highest level, saying that in order to end the war in Ukraine, everyone must sit at the same table, starting with Russia and the United States.

According to the online edition of the newspaper La Repubblica, the Italian technocratic prime minister added that “in this context, Joe Biden must call Putin.”

The Italian Prime Minister also explained that contacts should be resumed at all levels, “without forgetting what happened – because this is impossible – but also with the prospect of turning the look to the future “.

It continues unabated, however Moscow the barrage of threats against Finland and Sweden as they join NATO seems inevitable now after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“If Sweden and Finland join NATO, they will change overnight from neutral to hostile countries. and on target for Russia “ Russian Deputy Ambassador to the UN Dmitry Poliansky threatened in an interview with unHerd.

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