Flemish health minister resigns after childcare abuse


The Flemish Minister of Health resigned on Thursday after fatal childcare abuse. Christian Democrat Wouter Beke was still drawing his conclusions as the critics no longer subsided and his party continued to lose voters.

Beke was already under fire for his performance in the corona crisis, but came very close after the death of a baby in a nursery in February.

The drama, which led to a criminal investigation and a parliamentary inquiry into childcare malpractice, made Beke, in his own words, “more startled than I wanted to admit to the outside world.” As with a series of other incidents, oversight appears to have been inadequate.

The former CD&V leader also points to a damning poll for his party last week. According to him, he also made a “deep impression”. “In order to breathe life into the party”, Beke, an important CD&V figure in the Flemish government, has decided to leave the field.

He also addressed the press at an unexpected press conference: “Dear journalists, politicians are just people too. Being treated inhumanely on social media is apparently part of the job, but I thought that mainstream media also had a funnel function. they don’t fill it, they shouldn’t be alarmed that society is polarizing.”

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