UN Middle East envoy condemns latest Israeli settlement expansion plan


“I condemn the decision taken today by the Israeli authorities to advance plans for more than 4,000 housing units in settlements in the occupied West Bank,” said Tor Wennesland, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process. , in a press release.

Israel’s Supreme Planning Council, which approved the decision, also retroactively legalized two outposts: Mitzpeh Dani and Givat Oz VeGaon, according to media reports.

Rooting of the occupation

The UN works for the establishment of an independent State of Palestine living side by side in peace with the State of Israel.

As Special Coordinator, Mr. Wennesland leads the political and diplomatic efforts of the United Nations to achieve a comprehensive solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Condemning the decision, he said that “continued settlement expansion further strengthens the occupation, encroaches on Palestinian lands and natural resources, and impedes the free movement of the Palestinian population.”

The envoy reiterated that all settlements are illegal under international law and constitute a major obstacle to peace.

“I urge the Israeli authorities to cease all settlement activity and to refrain from such unilateral and provocative actions which fuel instability and undermine the prospects for the establishment of a viable and contiguous Palestinian State within the framework of a negotiated two-state solution based on relevant UN resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements,” he added.

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