Tsipras in Kontra: Government policy “poses risks to our national interests”


The president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras, spoke about the “unconditional surrender of the government to the allies” in an interview that he is currently giving to the main bulletin of Kontra Channel.

In fact, he rejected the claim that from today’s meeting in Parliament it emerged that “more or less” the government and the official opposition are “on the same line”.

He again blamed the government for “having the doctrine of a given ally” and for “giving it its all in return”, which he said at the time of the “war relationship” between NATO and Russia “costs”.

“What I said is that Greece is renewing its bases indefinitely, and in fact in Alexandroupolis, which will play a strategic role, it is sending weapons to Ukraine and at the same time as a reward the US is sending a new F16 to fly over the Greek islands, this image “It is not a figure of speech, it is a reality,” he stressed.

Al. Tsipras spoke of “a policy that poses dangers to our national interests” and that “is very far from the multidimensional foreign policy of SYRIZA-PS”.

As he claimed, the previous government demanded an upgrade of the country’s relations with the USA “in exchange” and mainly with “security guarantees against Turkish aggression”.

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