“Putin believes that NATO will not react to a nuclear strike”


The need for clear, decisive unity from all those who oppose the war to end, stressed the Russian political philosopher Greg Yudin in an interview with Katerina Economakou for the show of George Kouvaras “Analyze it” on ERT1. According to the Russian political philosopher, if there is enough unity and determination, then at some point it will become clear that Putin and the Russian political leadership can not win this war.

Regarding Putin’s plans, the Russian philosopher wanted to show that for the Russian President and the Russian political leadership this is not a war against Ukraine, but against the West, and at this stage, his goal is military control. of Ukraine. “For these people, Ukraine does not exist, the Ukrainians do not exist. You can not fight against a non-existent country. This is a war against the West. This is the first stage of a great war for which they have been preparing for many years. As for the Ukrainian stage of this war, the goal is military control of Ukraine. “Ukraine can not be a sovereign state,” said Greg Yudin.

In fact, he warns that it is very likely that the next step will be taken in Eastern Europe, and that the situation could even reach some kind of nuclear crisis. “I remind you that Moldova’s territorial integrity is already on the table and it is very likely that the next step will be taken in Eastern Europe, in countries like Poland and Lithuania,” said Greg Yudin. even in some kind of nuclear crisis, because the Russian leadership has nothing to lose. “

In this context, he considers it important in what terms we will approach this nuclear crisis. “If Putin comes out of it with territorial acquisitions, then he will certainly not stop in Ukraine, he will go further,” he said. of the US, would lead to the dissolution of NATO. That Article 5 will not be activated and once there is a real threat of nuclear escalation, Western Europe will not fight for Poland, for example. That would mean the dissolution of NATO. If Article 5 is not activated, this de facto means the dissolution of NATO. “This would pave the way for a change in the geostrategic order in Europe.”

Focusing on the Russian nuclear doctrine, he says that it is based on the idea of ​​escalation through escalation and explains that this basically means that you have to escalate things until the opponent decides that the risk is too great and makes concessions to achieve de-escalation. .

“But if there is no de-escalation and if Putin starts to fear that he will face a major defeat, which for him is an existential issue – let me say again that he started this war seeing Ukraine as an existential threat to him. If the issue becomes existential for Putin, he has said many times that a world without Russia is not worth existing and you can be sure that when he refers to Russia he means himself. “Without him in power, the world does not deserve to exist,” he added.

Finally, when asked about the brutality of the Russian soldiers in Ukraine, Greg Yudin states that they did not surprise him. “And the reason lies in the new language used by the Russian president, the language of de-Nazism, which refers to the conquest of purity, to the cleansing of Ukraine, to its decomposition into two elements: the pure, the Russian element and the dirty, Nazi element, which is the ukr

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