North Korea reports first corona death and 188,000 cases of ‘mysterious’ fever


In North Korea, the corona virus has claimed its first death, a day after the country first reported a corona infection within its borders. The cause of death of five other people who died of fever is under investigation, according to the state news agency. KCN

Also, 187,800 people would be treated in isolation for a fever “whose cause could not be determined”. This according to KCN a mysterious fever has been circulating in the country since late April and has already infected some 350,000 people. About half of them are now cured, according to KCNA. It is not known whether these people have been tested for corona.

Kim Jong-un declares nationwide lockdown

Since the start of the pandemic, North Korea has maintained that corona is not in the country, which has been widely questioned. However, on Thursday it was officially announced that someone in the capital Pyongyang had the highly contagious omikron BA.2 subvariant. had been detected. Immediately afterwards, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced a nationwide lockdown.

North Korea has never wanted to adopt corona vaccines from abroad. In 2020, the country announced it was working on its own vaccine, but nothing has been heard since. The World Health Organization (WHO) is in contact with the government and is helping develop an action plan, it said Friday (local time). Neighboring South Korea also wants to provide humanitarian aid.

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