Finland-Sweden accession to NATO: US support to both countries


Leading Democrats and Republicans in the Senate pledged today to support the Finland and Sweden’s NATO accession process.

In the US, the Senate approves the treaties and needs a two-thirds majority of its members for Washington to give the “green light” for a country – in this case Finland – to join NATO. Helsinki has expressed its willingness to join the Alliance and is expected to formalize its request on Sunday.

“If Sweden and Finland decide to run for NATO, this commission is already working to get the vote done quickly,” said Bob Menendez, the Democratic head of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Republican Jim Rees, the “number 2” of this commission, promised to support Finland, whose candidacy is “a huge step forward for transatlantic security”, in the midst of the war in Ukraine, as he wrote in Twitter.

THE Chancellor Olaf Solz also welcomed Finland’s earlier decision to submit application for NATO membership.

A spokesman for the chancellor wrote on Twitter that Mr Soltz had a telephone conversation with President of Finland Sauli Niinisto and assured him of the full support of the federal government.

I also recommend the Enscheidung Finnlands, for a single limited area of ​​the Lands @NATO exhausted. In a Telephone with the President @niinisto habe ich #Finnland their support for the Bundesregierung zugesichert.

– Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (@Bundeskanzler) May 12, 2022

THE Finland’s decision to join NATO is a “clear threat” to Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov said today, adding that the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance would not make Europe or the world safer.

Source:, ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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