Putin’s clearance in the army – The head of the Russian armed forces is fired


In mass cleanups in the upper echelons of the Russian army, it is said that he advanced Vladimir Putin, in the shadow of the failed Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As reported by the adviser to the Ukrainian president Oleksiy Arestovich The Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, who was reportedly wounded on the Ukrainian front, has been released, and did not appear at her military parade Red Square for Victory Day against the Nazis on May 9. He was reportedly wounded by shrapnel when Putin sent him there to reverse the unfavorable situation in the war.

Speaking to the dissident Russian lawyer and politician Mark Feigin Arestovich said on YouTube: “According to the first information, Gerasimov has been made de facto available. “They decide whether he will be given time to improve the situation.”

“The commander of the first tank army, Lieutenant General Sergei Kiesel, was arrested and fired after his defeat near Kharkov,” Arestovich added.

Two other army commanders were fired due to significant losses on the battlefield, according to information circulated on the social platform Telegram, from which it also became known that he resigned from his duties. and was arrested the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, while an SAD is being conducted for the Admiral of the Fleet.

Putin’s army – once considered the second best in the world – suffered a series of humiliating defeats on the battlefield in just two months of fighting in Ukraine, where more than 10,000 Russian soldiers are estimated to have been killed, hundreds of tanks destroyed and sunken. the flagship “Moscow” in the Black Sea.

Source: skai.gr

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