Germany: Approves draft law on expropriation of energy infrastructure


The German lower house of parliament on Thursday approved a new version of a bill aimed at securing the country’s energy supply, which allows the government to proceed with the expropriation or expropriation of critical energy infrastructure and resources if deemed necessary in an emergency.

Europe’s largest economy seeks protection against Russia threatens to shut off gas taps their obligations or if energy security is compromised.

The amended bill – which remains to be approved by the upper house – could be implemented for the first time if a solution is not found to the problem of ownership of the Svet refinery, the majority owner of which is the Russian state-owned company Rosneft.

The law allows the government to take control of the production, networks and means of transmission and distribution of energy if the security of supply is endangered.

In addition, the competent supervisory body should be notified of any planned decommissioning of gas storage facilities in the future, under the bill.

Last month, the German government, with a different legal basis, took the initiative to continue the operation of Gazprom Germania, which was abandoned by its parent company Gazprom.

source: ΑΠΕ

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