USA: A bill that equated abortion with homicide was withdrawn


A bill was passed in Louisiana yesterday, Thursday, which would equalize the abortions with homicide, following the reactions that erupted.

The bill, tabled by MP Danny McCormick, provided for complete ban on abortion in the state and provided constitutional rights “to all unborn children from the moment of fertilization”.

However, the bill was criticized not only by advocates of women’s right to abortion but also by opponents of abortion, and had attracted international attention.

Late Thursday, the bill, which had already been approved by the relevant parliamentary committee, was withdrawn from the debate in the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Opponents of the bill have proposed that it be amended so that women who wish to have an abortion are not charged with homicide and an exception is made to the ban on abortions when the mother’s life is in danger.

After these amendments, the bill will be debated again in the House of Representatives.

Prosecution of women who want to have an abortion is something that many anti-abortion organizations oppose. In particular, the Louisiana Right to Life announced last week that it opposes the bill. The organization said on its Facebook page yesterday that it does not expect the bill to be discussed again during the current parliamentary term.

“The Louisiana Right to Life welcomes the Louisiana House of Representatives for its common stance in favor of life and mothers,” she said in a statement.

McCormick tabled the bill two days after the US Supreme Court issued a preliminary opinion that the court intends to overturn the historic 1973 ruling that legalized abortion at the federal level.


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