After chip shortages, market researcher expects surplus in 2023


More computer chips could be available next year than companies need, German news agency Gartner told Friday. ODA† This is striking, as tech and auto companies have been grappling with poignant shortages for two years now. But because there are now massive investments in this area, supply may exceed demand.

Due to chip shortages, for example, automakers have had to stop or reduce production.

Major chip companies such as Taiwan’s TSMC, South Korea’s Samsung and America’s Intel are now investing tens of billions of dollars in expanding production capacity to meet strong demand. Gartner thinks this could lead to chip supply exceeding demand by 2023 or 2024.

Gartner expects surpluses in the chip market to be offset over time by the ever-increasing demand for chips around the world. As soon as there is a balance between supply and demand, chip companies will make investments in view of future demand, according to the researcher.

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