The lack of baby milk is turning into a political crisis


Empty shelves, anxious families: The White House assured yesterday Thursday that he takes the lack of baby milk observed on USA and which turns into a political crisis for President Joe Biden.

According to data company Datasembly, by the end of the first week of May more than 40% of the most popular baby milk items had been sold out of stores across the country. The situation worsened after the closure of an Abbott plant in February.

The White House, which is accused of delayed reaction and even indifference, yesterday presented some measures to address the problem.

«It’s a job that lasts for monthsHe said the representative of Jen Psakijustifying why the US government was so late in reacting.

«Our message to parents is this: we listened, we want to do what we can“, He stressed in yesterday’s briefing of the journalists.

The Biden government is considering, among other things, increasing baby milk importswhile the US produces 98% of the milk it consumes.

At the same time, he noted that he is working with the states to allow the most vulnerable citizens who are supplied with baby milk through coupons to choose from a wider variety of companies and packaging.

The White House also called on the competition authority to address the speculation, especially by reselling baby milk online at very high prices.

Psaki pointed out that the White House is considering any option to increase infant milk production and even the activation of the Law on Defense Productionwhich allows the American president to make financial decisions by decree.

Biden himself met yesterday with representatives of large chain stores and baby milk producers with whom he had “productive and encouraging” talks, as commented a federal government official who wished to remain anonymous.

Big distances

The Republicans Biden was quick to criticize, with MEP Elise Stefanick saying during a press conference that she had been in contact with the federal authorities since February: “Joe Biden has no plan (…) When we asked the White House about the shortcomings, they laughed».

Randy Finstra, an Iowa MP, said families in his area “they travel 50, 75 to 100 miles trying to find “baby milk” (a distance of 80 to 160 kilometers).

For her part, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Democratic Nancy Pelosi, expressed her indignation yesterday: “Right now children are hungry, children are crying, we must face the situation now».

Sarah Khan, a mother of three children aged 10, 7 and six months, said she was anxious in front of empty shelves in and around Washington.

«Already after the birth of my baby I noticed that there was a problem and next week it will be seven months“, She said, who has managed to make ends meet thanks to the milk cartons sent to her by mail by friends and family.

The situation is even more difficult for the parents of children who need special milk for medical reasons.

Maya, three weeks old, is lactose intolerant. “We had no choice but to switch to plant-based milk,” explained San Diego’s father, Steve Hochman.

On February 17, after the deaths of two babies, Abbot announced that it was “voluntarily recalling” all milk powder produced by its plant in Michigan, including Similac, which is used by millions of families in the United States.

After research, the problematic milk was identified, but production at the Michigan plant has not resumedexacerbating the serious shortages that have created general problems in the supply chain as well as the lack of manpower.

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