Co-training of the Armed Forces with the “USS Arlington” of the USA


Co-training of PASSEX (Passing Exercise) units of the Armed Forces with the amphibious ship “USS Arlington” was conducted on May 10 in the sea area of ​​Sporades and Skyros.

As announced, the Greek Armed Forces participated with the frigate “Salamis”, the barge “Chios”, as well as an S-70 B Aegean Hawk helicopter.

During the exercise, objects of communication, dealing with asymmetric threats, targeting, progressive maneuvers, as well as composing and exchanging tactical image were performed.

The joint training, the announcement added, took place in the framework of the updated Greece-US Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement, contributing to the promotion of the level of operational readiness, combat capability and interoperability of participants in a bilateral and allied framework.

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