Flight certificates of pilots who changed planes in the air withdrawn


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has revoked the pilot licenses of two pilots for a stunt they pulled, reports The New York Times. The two tried to switch planes over the Arizona desert, but one plane crashed.

The two drivers, Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington, performed the stunt on April 24 for Red Bull. Although the stunt ended with one of the planes crashing, the two pilots were uninjured.

Nevertheless, the FAA speaks of a “reckless” and “unheard-of” action. In addition to seeing his pilot’s license revoked, Aikins, in charge of the stunt, will be fined nearly 5,000 dollars (more than 4,800 euros) for having left the pilot’s seat. The aviation authority has already launched an investigation after the stunt.

Aikins and Farrington flew through the air with identical planes, only to plummet from a height of over 4 kilometers. The pilots then jumped out of their plane to reach the cockpit of the other plane.

However, Farrington was unable to reach Aikins’ plane, causing it to crash out of control and crash into the Arizona desert somewhere between the cities of Phoenix and Tucson. No one witnessed the accident. The two pilots, equipped with a parachute, are unscathed.

Red Bull speaks of a “partially successful stunt”, as Aikins managed to land Farrington’s plane safely.

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