Negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program have begun


Negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, which have been stalled since March, “have resumed,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said today.

“Negotiations have stalled and started again,” said Borrell from Wangels, in northern Germany, where he is attending a G7 foreign ministers’ meeting.

The head of European diplomacy referred to the talks that took place yesterday in Tehran, the EU coordinator in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program Enrique Mora and the head of the Iranian negotiators Ali Bagheri with the aim of reviving the 2015 agreement.

At the same time, the Emir of Qatar met with the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, to discuss the same issue.

“I appreciate this meeting in Iran. “Negotiations had been stalled for two months because of disagreements over the Revolutionary Guards,” Borel explained.

“Such issues cannot be resolved overnight. “Let’s say things were blocked and now there is an unblocking,” he added. “There is a prospect of reaching a final agreement,” he said.

Negotiations that began a year ago in Vienna between Tehran and the major powers over the revival of the 2015 agreement on Iran’s nuclear program had stalled since March, largely because of Iran’s demand that the Revolutionary Guards be removed from Iran. US list of terrorist organizations.

According to a French diplomatic source, the US is not very likely to agree to such a thing soon.

The 2015 agreement is a cancerous one after the unilateral withdrawal of the US in 2018 during the presidency of Donald Trump and the resumption of sanctions against Tehran, which has gradually begun to be released from its obligations under it.

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