Dive of the share after the announcement of Musk for freezing of the acquisition deal


The news that the Elon Musk “freezes” for the time being the deal of the acquisition of Twitter brought an earthquake in the share of the company, which marked a “dive”.

Elon Musk recently tweeted that “the deal is temporarily pending.”

The CEO of Tesla explains that he will wait to receive more information about the fake accounts, before the deal is officially closed.

Upon hearing the news, the share in the pre-market of Wall Street immediately fell to -19%, while on the contrary the share of Tesla strengthened by almost 5%.

Twitter shareholders have agreed to sell all of their shares in Musk for $ 44 billion.

The founder of Tesla, through stock trading, has already acquired a percentage of over 9%.

However, the deal has sparked controversy within Tesla, SpaceX and other Musk companies, as concerns have been raised as to whether the billionaire is putting another “watermelon in his armpit”.

Source: skai.gr

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