Russian agents believe Putin is ill, according to a report


Speculations about Vladimir Putin’s health are not new, they have been circulating for several years. However, they have intensified since he ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

The magazine New Lines He said he had a recording of a Russian oligarch who has close ties to the Kremlin, describing the Russian president as “very ill with blood cancer”, although the type of blood cancer had not been determined.

He also said that a “top secret note” had been sent from the headquarters of the FSB, Russia’s internal security service, to all of its regional directors.

Christo Grozev, head of investigations at Bellingcat, a reputable forensic research site, said: “The note instructed regional directors not to trust rumors about the president’s state of health.”

“The directors have been further instructed to refute any rumors circulating in the local FSB units. “According to a source in one of the regional units seen in the memo, this unprecedented directive had the opposite effect, with most FSB officials suddenly coming to believe that Putin is indeed suffering from a serious illness.”

The magazine goes on to detail details that suggest Putin is ill, such as walking, something that broadcast a few days ago and other international media.

He also refers to Putin’s altered appearance – his face is more swollen – and it is speculated that this is a side effect of a drug.


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