Lianos: About one year is the period of completion of a case by the Competition Commission


About a yearfrom 8 years, has decreased the completion time a case from Competition Commission Congratulations to the staff of the Directorate-General for Competition for this progress.

This is noted in a post on social media by the chairman of the Competition Commission, Giannis Lianos, while he underlines that, for the first time in many years, the Competition Commission brings cases directly and in record time in relation to other Competition Authorities in Europe.

Specifically notes the following:

“In the last few days, Ep. Ant. published press releases on cases that are drawn to a rapporteur and therefore enter their final stage of completion, such as that of bags. It’s a series of cases that will be drawn in the coming weeks.

Why is this interesting? Because if one sees the start date of each case and also the on-site inspection, it is less than 1 year. For the bags, the start date of the ex-officio is Sept. 2021 and it is drawn 7.5 months later. Yes, 7.5 months and not years as it used to be in the past (the period before 09.2019 …). What does this mean; That for the first time after many years, Ep.Ant. brings cases directly and in record time in relation to other Competition Authorities in Europe ..

Bags are an example of the many that will follow. Of course, it always depends on the complexity of a case. Difficult cartels usually take longer. But it is a qualitative leap forward that was not a given at all 2.5 years ago, when the average age of the cases of Ep. Ant. it was 8 years and there were a lot of cases with huge delays! From 8 years we now go to about 1 year to complete a case. The staff of GDA / especially of the A Directorate here deserves congratulations for this progress “.

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