OLME: Work stoppage for the non-implementation of the “Greek PISA” exams


Pan-Hellenic 3-hour work stoppage (8-11am) on May 18, day of PISA examinations declared the OLMElike the ILO yesterday, calling on its members not to participate in the procedures of the Greek PISA program.

They also call on the country’s ELME to announce, where necessary, an additional 3-hour stop (11-2pm) and to immediately inform the Parents ‘and Guardians’ Associations of the schools involved about the consequences of the PISA program.

The Fed , leads to categorization and classification of schools, students and teachers, while orienting teaching in pre-designed courses and enhances sterile memorization at the expense of critical and creative learning.

Finally, he accuses the political leadership of the Ministry of Education that “ignores the school reality and is indifferent to the real needs of the public school. “He is not interested in progressing and ensuring a quality upgraded inclusive public education that will give truly equal opportunities to all children.”

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