Catering Professionals: Legislation for the fixed charge per kilowatt hour


Let the government move on legislation for the fixed charging of the kilowatt hourin order to stop the dependence of the price of electricity on the stock market price of natural gas, Catering Professionals Circle.

“The uncontrolled course of energy tariffs is shaking up every family and business plan,” he said in a statement. of natural gas, when in fact natural gas participates by 38% in the production of electricity “.

The Catering Circle states, among other things, that power providers disrupt both the Greek and EU legal order by arbitrarily changing charges, that the behavior of energy providers and suppliers raises serious legal issues, while declaring that it clause with the right of consumer protection.

“It is not possible for the price demanded by the consumer to be indefinite and the business risk of the supplier to be passed on to the backs of the customers. “We are now calling for a solution to the problem with retroactive financial coverage for our households and businesses; a legislative end must be put to the scandal of recent months,” the statement concluded.

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