Russia suspends electricity supplies to Finland


THE Russia I will suspend from tomorrow Saturday, May 14, electricity deliveries to Finland, due to unpaid debtsannounced today the supplier company RAO Nordic Oy, which is wholly owned by the Russian company InterRAO.

RAO Nordic Oy, based in Helsinki, has not received payments for electricity supplied to Finland since May 6, it said in a statement, citing a “lack of funds” to pay for energy imported from Russia.

“We are therefore obliged to suspend the import of electricity from May 14,” the provider said.

“This is a state of emergency that is happening for the first time in over 20 years (…) We hope the situation will improve soon and deliveries from Russia will resume,” he explained.

RAO Nordic, the main importer of electricity from Russia to the Scandinavian markets, has been active in the European Union since 2002.

The President and Prime Minister of Finland on Thursday declared their country’s accession to NATO, clarifying that the official decision will be announced on Sunday. Finland’s accession to NATO would “certainly” pose a threat to Russia, the Kremlin reacted, while the Foreign Ministry noted that Moscow would be obliged to “take measures, military-technical and others, to put an end to threats to the national security “of Russia.

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