The Russian retreat in Kharkov continues


The Russian staff is focused on ensuring the withdrawal of troops from the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian armed forces announced on Friday night.

Russian troops have come under increasing pressure from the Ukrainian counterattacks along a wide front to the west of their supply lines, according to Kyiv.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces added that there was more artillery bombardment on Ukrainian territory as the Russians tried to make progress towards Sloviansk, a key target. The village of Nova Dmitrivka came under fire, as it did in late April.

He also said that there were air raids around Dolina, which is located 20 kilometers north of Slovyansk and nearby Andamivka. Airstrikes in the area earlier this week caused damage to two religious sites, according to Ukrainian authorities.

In the Luhansk region, A Russian attack on the town of Zolote was repulsed, the General Staff said, adding that more cross-border bombings were reported far from the current area of ​​hostilities in the northeastern Sumi region, as well as an air raid on a village in the area.


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