YPAN: Intensive controls for cases of defamation in the fuel market


“The companies operating in the fuel marketassured that they are taking all possible measures to curb fuel prices “Against strong pressures due to external factors, such as international crude oil prices and the unfavorable situation of the fall in the value of the euro against the dollar.” This is stated in his announcement Ministry of Development and Investment, for the teleconference held today by his leadership with the representatives of the liquid fuel market players in Greece.

The teleconference was coordinated by the Minister of Development and Investment, ‘Adonis Georgiadis and was attended by the Secretary General of Trade and Consumer Protection Sotiris Anagnostopoulos, the Governor of DIMEA Charalambos Melissinos, the representatives of Hellenic Petrogeos Motoroil Spyros Svoronos and P. Polymeropoulos, the president of the Association of Petroleum Trading Companies of Greece (SEEPE) Ioannis Aligizakis, the vice-presidents of SEEPE Dimitris Kontaxias and Christos Tziolas (P.) Gas Stations of Greece (OBE) Michalis Kiousis.

According to the statement, “during the teleconference, issues were discussed, including, inter alia, the evolution of prices in the liquid fuel market, the impact on the market of rising international oil prices with the parallel slipping of the euro – but also of the state subsidy on diesel, the treatment of profiteering cases and the increased operating costs of fuel trading companies.

On the other hand, the leadership of the Ministry of Development and Investment, assured that the controls for cases of defamation in the market, are and will remain intensive in the next period, and that the government will exhaust all means it can use, within the limits of the available budgetary space, in order to alleviate the burden borne by the consumer “.

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